Maggi Mee....slurrrp!

Do you know that 12% of a packet of Maggi mee is palm oil?

Palm oil is the preferred cooking oil in the 100 billion servings of instant noodles in a year consumed in China, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, the Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia.

Why? because palm oil is cheap and good ;-)

China is the world biggest instant noodles consumer, gobbling up 50 billion packets of instant noodles every year. Indonesia comes in second, slurping up 15 billion packets and Japan is in third placing with about seven billion packs.

On a per capita basis, however, South Koreans eat the most instant noodles ... 70 packets per year. That means, an average Korean eats a packet of instant noodles every five days.

In Malaysia, instant noodles is not only popular with students and low income earners, it is also an economic indicator. In times of economic slowdown, many middle class people will go for cheap instant noodles like mee goreng at mamak stalls just to fill up the stomach.

Don't be surprise if sales of Maggi mee go up this year.

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  1. Maggi mee?? I love instant noodle! Well, I like both, instant or non-instant noodle. The springy texture of the noodle, the variety of seasonings to choose and it comes in various brands, local or imported like from Thailand or Indonesia. Instant noodle has come a long way.. it's no longer the prefered meal whenever one is broke at the end of the month, but people actually craves for it! Why? Maybe coz the Malaysia-planted palm oil ingredient? :)

  2. Three weeks into the Gaza invasion by the Isrealis, the Muslim Consumer Association here wants consumers to boycott Coca Cola, Maggi Mee and Starbucks Coffee.
    Does that mean more sales of other brands of cola, instant noodles and premium coffee?

  3. To further confirm there's palm oil in your maggi mee, here is a recipe for simple maggi goreng:

    One packet of Maggi Mee, one egg, one shallot, two cloves of garlic, Cili Padi, bak choy, bean sprouts, a little bit of PALM OIL (see the connection?), perencah Maggi Mee, one tbs soya sauce.

    Soak Maggi Mee in boiling water for 2/3 minutes and drain. Mix Soya sauce with perencah Maggi Mee. Stir fry shallot, garlics, cili padi in PALM OIL till cooked. Add soya sauce-perencah mixture. Add noodles, followed by egg and vegetables. Stir fry for 2 minutes.

    Serve with fried shallots. hmmm ... Nice.

    Now there's more than 12% palm oil in your Maggi Mee.

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