Want youthful skin? Try tocotrienols.

Want youthful skin? Studies have shown natural vitamin E, extracted from palm oil, is very effective.

Vitamin E is a family of eight members, made up of four tocopherols and four tocotrienols. It is a natural anti-aging supplement because it protects body cells from harmful free radicals.

Instead of using vitamin E-fortified skin care made from soybean, canola and sunflower oils, which usually contain only tocopherols (the lame sisters in the Vitamin E family), you can try out palm oil extracts in soft gels. Palm oil vitamin E is better than the common soy-based because it has all eight tocopherols and tocotrienols. You can buy and the Tocovid brand of palm oil Vitamin E health supplement from any Caring Pharmacy outlet throughout Malaysia.

When you pop the Tocovid soft gel into your mouth, the active agent in palm oil extracts called tocotrienols enters your bloodstream. As these potent variants of anti-oxidants travel to the regenerating cells of your skin, they will disarms cell-killing free radicals.

Basically, the tocotrienols will help to slow down sun damage, age-spots and wrinkles on your skin. It can also help reduce inflammation and scarring after surgery.

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  1. I was at Caring Pharmacy in Bangsar Village last weekend and they do sell vitamin E soft gels.

    The pharmacist behind the counter said vitamin E soft gels made from palm oil extracts are orange because of the carotenes. Scientists at MPOB are carrying out studies to find out th extent of palm oil extracts in helping to prevent onset of stroke and heart attack.

    Whether you eat the tocotrienol soft gel or rub it on your skin, it is good. Why? because the palm oil extract contains tocotrienols, tocopherols and carotenes. They are powerful anti-oxidants.

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