Hotdogs, burgers, nuggets and french fries sold at Malaysia's fastfood restaurants are mostly cooked in palm oil.

Fastfood restaurants choose palm oil because it can withstand extreme deepfry heat better than other soft oils like olive oil, soya oil, sunflower oil which oxidise easily in high heat.

Incidentally, palm oil is also nutritious, packed with Vitamins A and E. So, the next time you walk into McDonalds, Burger King, A&W, Wendy's or even buy hotdogs from the 1901 carts at shopping malls here... take heart, it is cooked in palm oil that is naturally packed with anti-oxidants.

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  1. Food again?? gosh, I love food.. I think more and more food manufacturers are jumping on "trans-fat free" bandwagon, due to the growing number of health-conscious consumers. But these snack foods that comes in small packets(maggi, mamee, crisps, chips, cakes, peanuts, wafer) are still junk food, right? By the way, is there any skincare product that use palm oil as its ingredient?

  2. The food is only as good as the oil you use, and it shouldn't just be the food manufacturers pushing trans-fat free food, the government should also do the same.

  3. Hello Mitch, Tee Ching just put up a new post about Oyes! moisturiser, a tocotrienol antiaging and antioxidant cream. You can get it from pharmacies, if they don't have it, ask them to order for you.

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