Mothers love Carotino curry rice

Johor-based red palm oil producer Carotino Sdn Bhd was exhibiting at the Malaysia-Japan Palm Oil Trade Fair and Seminar in Tokyo. Executive director U.R. Unnithan said red palm olein and margarine is gaining popularity in Japan.

Hideaki Sasaki, president of Yehna Corp Ltd, who was also present, said that demand in the first half of this year had risen 20 per cent from previously. The exclusive distributor for Carotino red palm oil in Japan said it will increase its orders by another 10 containers from Malaysia this year.

"Cake, bread and pastry bakers are now more aware of the health benefits of red palm margarine as a natural colourant fortified with antioxidants," Sasaki said. "The baumkuchen community here like Carotino red palm margarine because the natural fruit oil colour enhances the golden rings," he added. 'Baumkuchen', a kind of German pastry, is a favoured wedding cake in Japan. It is believed the golden rings in the cake signifies longevity and prosperity.

Sasaki then said many children vote 'curry rice' (or kareh raisu) as one of their favourite dish. "Mothers love Carotino red palm oil because of the natural attractive colour and high nutrition value," he said.

Apparently, curry rice is an easy-to-cook and well-balanced meal. It is popular among children and is so widely consumed that it can be called a national dish in Japan.

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