Palm oil not that visible on grocer shelves

I'm now on vacation in Los Angeles, California.

This morning, I sauntered into a local chain grocer called Trader Joe's, famed for catering to shoppers who care deeply for certified organic food.

California is the first state in the US to ban trans fat from its food and palm oil would deem ideal to fulfill this health requirement.

While a handful of food manufacturer have started to recognise the versatility and nutritional benefits of palm oil, outright retail of palm cooking oil on supermarket shelves is almost non-existent. As I walked past the aisle displaying shelves of cooking oil, my eyes scanned through all the lables.

There were plenty of extra virgin olive oil, canola, grapeseed and sunflower. But, there was no soybean or palm oil.

Soybean and palm oil are not freely available as cooking oil in the US because they are very much incorporated in processed food like cookies, cakes, pastry, chewing gum, chocolate, and many more.

If you have a a frank talk with scientists in snack food companies, they'll tell you that palm oil is one of the rare 'cheap and good products' that is still available today.

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  1. Dear Madam,
    Your observation has been very sharp and clear. Yes palm oil has not been accepted as liquid oil yet in the USA. But it has been accepted widely now as replacement for fats formulation in place of hydrogenated fats and oils due to the bad effect of Trans Fat.
    The fact that the USA imported more than 1 million tons of palm oil from Malaysia last year is a testimony to this acceptance.

    To capture the liquid oil market in the USA with palm oil , the only way is to introduce oil blends with soft oil. One such example is the SMART BALANCE, a 50% palm oil 50% soft oil blend.
    Even this is facing uphill battle for public acceptance as liquid oil as the Smart Balance 'clouds' when the temperature drops.

    There is now a great opportunity for the NEWLY Lauched "NoveLin", which has Health Balanced Fatty Acids composition as well as Cold Stability.
    It will be an excellent products to conquer the liquid oil market.
    This excellent break-through oil will now require
    someone with vision , courage and persistence to
    gain public acceptance as"liquid oil" in the US and the other parts of the world where traditional liquid oils are the Olive and soya.
    The future is extremely bright and the reward for success can be very huge!!

  2. Dear Madam,

    I really confuse over the benefit of palm oil now. some said is good and some think is bad....which one is really right now?

    I buy butter to spread bread rather than marjerin from palm oil because the taste of butter is so much nicer and smell good too. But in the case, all the while, my diet is not proper because the regular intake will lead to heart disease.

    Tell me more about the difference between the butter and marjerin, please. Also provide whether the benefit of palm oil is scientific approved.

  3. Studies conducted by University of Louisiana, Wisconson, UCLA, among others institutions has shown a reduction in arteriosclerosis, blood cholesteral levels, reduction in blood vessel clotting and dialtion (resulting in fewer strokes and heart attacks), inhibition of growth of breast cancer cells, as well as a 45% enhancement of efficiency of breast cancer drugs such as as Tamoxifen. I love this oil and I find certified organic red palm oil at

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