All Cosmos to invest RM50m in Sabah plant

ALL Cosmos Industries Sdn Bhd is investing RM50 million in Sabah for a 200,000-tonne fertiliser plant, as its high organic content fertiliser is gaining popularity among oil palm planters.

Planters mainly use imported chemical fertiliser because it is proven to boost fruit production. However, it is also expensive and it could pollute rivers. All Cosmos' value-added fertiliser contains a blend of organic ingredients that let trees absorb more nutrients.

It currently offers more than 20 fertiliser variants formulated for oil palms, vegetables, fruits, flowers and rice.Marketed under the "RealStrong" label, chief executive officer Datuk Tony Peng Shih Hao said this formula mix is able to improve crop yield, increase fruit size and the tree immune system against deadly diseases like basal stem rot.

"We're expanding. Our Pasir Gudang plant is running at full capacity," he said. With RealStrong, planters use less fertiliser per tree, which also saves money for growers.

"The micro-organism in the biofertiliser also helps soften the soil in the oil palm estates and will improve yield over the long run," Peng told Business Times after sealing an agreement with Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) on a joint research into enhancing micro-organisms' efficiency in the production of value added-fertiliser. Also present at the signing ceremony were UTM vice-chancellor Prof Dr Zaini Ujang and Massachusett Institute of Technology (MIT) Biology and Health Sciences & Technology Department head Prof Anthony J. Sinskey.

The Johor-based All Cosmos had recently invested RM7 million to set up a research and development (R&D) centre in Pasir Gudang. This will prove to be strategic for All Cosmos as it fits into the country's policy of boosting organic content, lowering risk of waterway pollution and reducing costly dependence on imported chemical fertiliser.

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