Registrar: I never singled out SAM

PUTRAJAYA: Registrar of Societies (ROS) Datuk Mohd Alias Kalil said he never singled out Sahabat Alam Malaysia (SAM) in his statement on the possible action faced by non-governmental groups for going against national interests.

Mohd Alias said his statement should also not be taken as a “threat” aimed at stopping the environmental body from carrying out its work. He said he was merely responding to a general question from reporters on the steps that ROS could take on such a complaint, one of which could be the NGO’s deregistration if the claims proved to be true.

“Conducting an investigation and taking action if such claims were proven true are part of our standard operating procedure. That’s what I was trying to explain. One of the journalists only raised SAM later, and I told them that it too would have to undergo the same process.

“And I had made it clear then that I had not received any formal complaint against SAM. Of course, we will not investigate or take action against any NGO unless there is a complaint,” he said when contacted here yesterday.

Mohd Alias had been quoted in Miri on Monday as saying that SAM could face deregistration if there was proof that it was engaging in activities threatening the nation’s interests and that ROS was also monitoring non-governmental groups, which were acting “extremely.” SAM has been involved in activities against commercial logging, plantation development and the building of dams in the country.


"Not a front for campaign"
KUALA LUMPUR: Global Environment Centre (GEC) is not funded to act as a front for an anti-palm oil campaign, its director Faizal Parish said.

He said this in reference to the report titled "Credibility of green groups questioned" which appeared in the New Straits Times yesterday. "This article mentions the Global Environment Centre and implies that we're funded to act as a local front for WWF and Wetlands International as part of an anti-palm oil campaign," he said.

Faizal added that GEC was working with many government ministries, agencies and the private sector to develop solutions to the environment and natural resource management problems such as river pollution and trans-boundary haze.

Separately, Wetlands International head of office in Malaysia Alvin Lopez said, "the article alleges that Wetlands International receives funding from WWF to fund anti-palm oil campaigns. Wetlands International does not conduct 'anti-palm oil' campaigns and we're not financially supported by WWF."

5 Responses to Registrar: I never singled out SAM

  1. For almost 10 years, NGOs from developed countries and their local affiliates have increasingly fingerpoint oil palm planting for deforestation, peatland degradation, biodiversity loss and climate change. They lobby for a moratorium on the use of land resources for agriculture, oil palm and rubber planting.

    Oil palm planters have continously unfairly discriminated by these so-called green campaigns. The industry or individual companies are victimised by bias reports and staged photographs.

    ROS made a general statement that NGOs may face deregistration if there are proof of activities that are undermining national interests. ROS is also monitoring NGOs which are extreme in their activities.

    Select NGOs (siapa makan cili, dialah yang rasa pedas) are jumping up and down when they were given this gentle general reminder by ROS that their activities may be subjected to a moratorium. These NGOs, with vested interests, deserve a dose of their own medicine as they have been lobbying to unfairly curb oil palm planting and rights of farmers to better livelihoods.

    Having been subject to much negative campaign, oil palm planters have no choice but to speak up and defend the truth. As the saying goes, "berani kerana benar". Palm oil has been unfairly defamed and oil palm planters labelled as orangutan killer, climate criminal etc.

    Now, some NGOs (the guilty ones) are feeling the heat that they could be proven to be undermining the nation's interests. Genuine environmental activists have nothing to fear. It is those with ulterior motives who are scared of being proven to have been committing economic treason against their own country.

  2. memang benar komen tu... Orang2 Green Peas selalu buat hal aje. Ada udang di sebalik batu. Sebenarnya, this is the mat salleh way of controlling & dominating developing country like Malaysia. They try to impose all kinds of rules on us but never apply to themselves!

  3. Some international organisations are quick to complain to the ASA in United Kingdom when some advertisements to defend palm oil were placed in the international media.

    ASA took up the up the complaint and decided against the advertisement. Incidently, ROS boss said,"we will not investigate or take any actions against any NGOs unless there is a complaint".

    So, why not put some complaints to ROS on some of these organisations and see how they feel to be under scrutiny as oil palm had been subjected for years ?

  4. Kita mahu dana asing langsung (foreign direct investment - fdi) bagi pelaburan ekonomi dan bukannya dana asing tidak langsung untuk peleburan ekonomi!!

  5. Boon Weng Siew of the Malaysian Estate Owners Association 3 April 2010 at 19:55

    These green NGOs, instead of creating all sorts of perception to tarnish palm oil, should focus on reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the burning of fossil fuels. They should stop their unreasonable criticisms on palm oil. In fact, oil palm plantations, where flora and fauna flourish, fulfil many of the rainforest functions.

    Oil palm trees, like any other trees, absorb carbon dioxide from the air and therefore help reduce global warming besides feeding hundreds of million people in the world. Palm oil is the most wholesome edible oil that is good for health.

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