Firms exploiting illegals

PUTRAJAYA: The Home Ministry has again warned management companies it has appointed not to overcharge illegal immigrants they register under the ongoing amnesty exercise.

The ministry's deputy secretary-general, Datuk Alwi Ibrahim, said companies which were caught doing so risk having their certificates of appointment revoked and their names blacklisted. He reiterated that illegal immigrants who registered with management companies would only need to pay RM35 each.

Those who register themselves at Immigration offices would not be charged a sen.

There are 336 management companies and 197 Immigration offices throughout Peninsular Malaysia where illegal immigrants can register under the exercise, dubbed the 6P Programme.

"For now, the management companies can only collect registration fees and are allowed to charge RM350 for the legalisation process only when it begins. The management companies had agreed to this procedure before they were appointed," said Alwi.

He added that the legalisation process would only start after the registration. He said this this after meeting with several management companies.

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