Sweet serendipity

In my nine years as a journalist, today's the first time I drove my car until it ran out of fuel. Uuuggghhh ... I know ... it's terribly embarassing. As my car slowed down and rolled to the side of the road near Universiti Putra Malaysia, I had this sinking feeling in my heart when I saw a police car behind me. There were four policemen. One of them, with a clipboard, walked towards my car.

"Oh no...my car is out of petrol and I'm going to get a summon? Sigh ..." I thought to myself. I got out of my car and explained my predicament to the policeman. He listened attentively and asked if I could still start up my car. I turned the ignition and the car engine whirred.

He then told me to make my way to the petrol station 1km ahead while he and his colleagues followed my car from behind. My happiness, however, was short-lived. The car engine sputtered and glide to a stop, again. I'm about 500m away from the petrol station. "So near ... yet so far."

This time, three policemen got down from their car and walked to mine. As they positioned themselves to push my car from behind, one of them came to the front and told me to engage my car's gear to "N" and keep the steering wheel straight.

They pushed my car. Throughout that 3-minute journey I thought to myself ....wow! There are really kind souls among the police force. Once we reached the petrol pump, I pulled up the handbrake and got out of the car. The policemen, all hot and sweaty from pushing my car, took turns to advise me on ways to take better care of my car. I thanked them from the bottom of my heart and we shook hands.

Before fuelling up my car, the attendant at the petrol station tinkered with the fuel filter. "Mesti buat macam ini. Kalau tidak, nanti banyak problem (You need to do this first. If not, there'll be problems later)," he said. The attendant turned the ignition on and off a few times for the fuel pump to push the fuel into the engine. The car started to purr again. Yay! I grinned at the attendant. He winked and waved goodbye, "OK, boleh jalan (OK, you can continue your journey)."

I reached into my handbag and my assignment sheet stated I'm required to cover an Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB) event at Equatorial Hotel Bangi. Sigh...the only place I know in Bangi is the MPOB headquarters. I made a few phone calls and drove over.

Soon as I reached MPOB headquarters, En Saufi returned my call and got En Aedham to escort me to Equatorial Hotel. As I started the car engine again, I thought to myself ... wow! There are really kind souls among MPOB officials :)