Designer seeds for fruitful returns

Many people are not aware that there are companies which are specifically set up to breed oil palm trees and produce superior seeds for farmers. Why is there a need for such companies when a farmer can collect seeds that fall to the ground? It's because these seeds, which are second generation, will not grow into trees that are exactly the same as the original.

What oil palm tree breeders do is they select good mother palms and match-make them with good father pollens so as to produce good babies. So, among "good" characteristics these agronomists target in their breeding process are for the trees to yield fruits that are super-oily, short in stature (for easy harvest), resilient against disease and able to withstand drought.

 It's important that farmers plant good seeds obtained from tree breeders in order to get good returns. This is because seeds collected from the ground (which are usually sold at dirt cheap price) will only grow  into "bad" trees and not yield the amount of fruits like the original tree, no matter how much fertiliser the farmer feed the "bad" trees.

To all the first time oil palm planters out there, do remember....good seeds are not cheap and cheap seeds are usually no good.