Sarawak plunged into darkness

We were driving from Rinwood Pelita Estate in Mukah to Sibu when Adrian Wong noticed that a few sets of traffic lights at crossroads were out.

After a few phone calls and texts via whatsapp, we realised the whole of Sarawak was experiencing a blackout.

We slowed down and carefully navigate through the chaos at traffic light crossroads. We finally reached Kingwood Hotel in Sibu at 7pm. It was pitch black except for car lights at the streets.

The lobby was crowded with hotel guests as the rooms became hot and stuffy. Finding a place to eat proved to be a problem as most restaurants were closed and the handful that were opened, had long queues.

So, our last resort was "romantic candle light dinner" at the pasar malam. The hawkers there enjoyed brisk business.

It turned out to be quite good as there were so many finger foods to pick and choose from. Adrian bought a whole bagful of Sibu "kong piah", which was lip-smacking delicious. It distracted me from feeling sweaty and tired -- for a while.

After 5 hours of anxious worry and chatter, we all decided to go back to our hotel rooms and try to get some sleep even though it was stuffy. After settling into bed, the lights and air-cond suddenly came back on. Hooray!

This was a memorable assignment ... I will remember this for a long, long while.