It's Lipstick Day!

It's past mid-night and I can't sleep. I thought about a friend who reads when he can't sleep. Hmmm ...I think I'll write... I feel so restless. Here I am.... in front of my trusty little laptop and I google away. It turns out that today is LIPSTICK DAY.

Lovely....a day dedicated to a product that adds colour to your face. Although I'm not a fan of make-up, it's nice to doll up once in a while.

Today’s lip products are not only available in all sorts of pigments and flavours, but are available in a variety of formations including sticks, glosses, glazes and balms. Besides adding a splash of colour, some lip products include anti-oxidants, emollients and offer sun-protection as well.

Well, if you're wondering? ...yea, there's palm oil in lipstick.