Hey! Do you want a Bang Bang?

Many of my colleagues and friends think I love prancing around in the oil palm estates under the hot sun. That's not entirely true.

I like the fresh air but I always try to avoid the skin damaging effects of the sun :( As with every estate visit, I would have this monologue inside my head of the unforgiving heat of the blazing hot sun as I wipe off the sweat from my face with the sleeves of my shirt.

My thoughts were interrupted when an equally sweaty Sime Darby communications personnel who was plodding along behind me asked breathlessly, "Hey! Do you want a Bang Bang?"

My eyes widened as I thought he made a vulgar proposition at me. That was when he waved a chocolate snack bar in the air and I spotted the beng-beng brandname on the packaging.

I burst out laughing.

Later, when told him what I thought he said, he rolled his eyes to the sky, "OMG, the media misunderstood us again." He then smiled and handed another bar of chocolate wafer to me. I looked closely at the Nutrition Facts Label and noted the snack food contains palm oil. "Yea, it's tasty and all natural, no artificial trans fat," he quipped.