European Union funding £90m green lobbying con

The EU government's covert use of taxpayer money to fund environment activists to lobby against the growth of oil palm plantations, in the name of "saving rainforests", is a blatant violation of international norms, particularly developing nations' sovereignty in deciding land use for food production.

By vilifying the virtues of oil palm planting and ignoring the evidence that economic development leads to better environmental protection, it is questionable whether these activists' true commitment is to the environment or to erection of trade barriers to benefit European rapeseed farmers who are already heavily-subsidised by the EU government.

About three weeks ago, the UK’s Telegraph newspaper reported that green activists are given more than £90 million from EU "cash carousel". Here's the link

Last year, the European policy office of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), which is based in Brussels, received £7.4 million, while Friends of the Earth Europe (FoE), also based in Brussels, is the third highest recipient with £6.4 million.

According to,  Italy-based Libertiamo, which takes a different view on environment, released a report titled "Disarming The Greens" detailing the EU government funding campaigns that mislead the public to believe that developing nations' environmental protection efforts are weak and that wood-based and oil palm companies are purveyors of forest destruction.

This immoral arrangement of the EU government paying green activists to spark smear campaign against oil palm planting is fostering agricultural stagnation and perpetuated poverty that undermine the financial resources of developing countries located along the tropical belt like Malaysia, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.

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  1. To green NGOs from developed countries, let's inculcate love for nature, not hate for oil palms. Oil palm trees have souls, too. NAMO AMITABHA BUDDHA! Peace be with all, humans are part of nature.

  2. True colours of the EU government is revealed here. The winners are the EU government itself and the recipients of these billions of euro dollars .... including the mercenaries in Malaysia and Indonesia "on this payroll" and therefore, driving hate campaigns. Losers are European taxpayers who have been mislead and ..... the oil palm industry in developing nations -- victims of the hate campaigns -- oil palm farmers. See ...

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