What's your new year resolution?

Would choosing healthy cooking oils be part of your New Year’s resolutions? 

The more we learn about how oils and fats behave in our bodies, the more sense it makes to use the one that has the attention of health researchers around the world.

Instead of reaching for expensive, imported vegetable oils (like soy, canola, sunflower and corn) that may contribute to unhealthy inflammation in our bodies, try palm cooking oil instead. 

Among regular brandnames of palm cooking oils sold in Malaysia are Alif, Seri Murni, Neptune, Red Eagle, Knife, Cap Buruh, Serimas and Saji. 

Those who love salads might want to consider Carotino and Smart Balance as salad oil dressings. 

Here are a few health reasons for stocking up:-

Smarter weight management. Dieters know the importance of eliminating “empty calories”. Palm cooking oil has the same amount of calories as other oils but it’s loaded with nutrients such as beta carotene and tocotrienols that are creating excitement among health professionals.

Proactive brain health. Every minute, someone arround the world suffers from stroke. Ongoing research suggests that palm cooking oil may help reduce damage to your brain cells if you should have a stroke and possibly speed your recovery afterward.

Support a healthy body. Preliminary medical studies indicate that palm cooking oil may help diseased livers recover, decrease the occurrence of osteoporotic fractures, and support breast cancer treatment.

Protect your skin from the inside out. The carotenoids (vitamin A) in palm cooking oil may protect your skin from UV damage. Early scientific findings also show that the oil’s tocotrienols (vitamin E) may slow cellular aging.

Banish harmful trans fats from your kitchen. Palm cooking oil is naturally free of trans fat and cholesterol-neutral. It has a high smoke point. This means that you won’t have to worry about it becoming toxic when heated.

Do your part to help protect the environment. Palm cooking oil is harvested from the world's most eco-friendly oil crop because the oil palm tree is able to yield 11 times more oil than soybean, 10 times more than sunflower and seven times more than rapeseed. The oil palm, being a perennial specie, as opposed to seasonal oil-seeds, is able to sequester carbon more efficiently. Palm oil has always been sustainably produced, balancing the needs of People, Planet and Profits. 

• Go for natural food ingredients. The oil palm tree is all natural. Unknown to many, in cold climate countries, rival oil crops farmers have been planting genetically-modified soybean, sunflower and rapeseed variants.

Palm cooking oil is flavour neutral, meaning that your favorite dishes will taste just as delicious as you (and your family) remember them. Major hypermarkets here carrying palm cooking oil on their shelves include AEON Big, Tesco, Giant and Mydin.