Choosing the Right Cooking Oil

Surprise! Surprise! Seattle TV viewers were recently encouraged to switch up their cooking oils. Health-conscious people were told to swap out some of their regular vegetable oils for Malaysian palm oil, according to an interview with Dr. Jonny Bowden on the King 5 New Day show. 

Bowden explained that between safflower, corn, canola and sunflower oils, we consume too many oils that may cause inflammation. 

Malaysian palm oil, on the other hand, has anti-inflammatory properties. Bowden surprised Seattle TV viewers by mentioning research indicating that saturated fat doesn’t cause heart disease. This fear of saturated fats has caused many people to miss out on important nutrition. 

Cholesterol-neutral Malaysian palm oil, for example, is rich in tocotrienols and carotenoids. An abundance of beta carotene gives the oil its red colour.

“I’m a big advocate of redeeming the reputation of saturated fat,” said Bowden. Saturated fat’s unwarranted reputation caused people to cook with vegetable oil, which is high in inflammatory omega-6. 

Bowden urged viewers to cut back on their temperate oils use and to “move back to some of the more healthy saturated fats,” including Malaysian palm oil. Rich in antioxidants,  It’s also full of tocotrienols, which may protect the brain from stroke damage.