Yum! Yum! dim sum

Dim sum generally consists of savoury minced meat, vegetables or seafood steamed or fried in a pastry wrap. These are accompanied by sweets like mango sago pomelo, egg tarts and custard. Dim sum is a culinary staple among the chinese.

Eating dim sum is usually a happy occasion, when family and friends gather to sip tea, sample a variety of dishes and chat away their worries. Age differences and generation gap usually melt away as everyone engage in lively banter.

Even in business, a dim sum get-together makes it friendly and casual. In Malaysia, there are many halal dim sum restaurants to choose from.

Lai Po Heen, Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur from Sue Lynn Tiong on Vimeo.

In Cantonese, “dim sum” literally means “a light touch on the heart”, which is an ideal way to describe the small, delicious sweet or savoury dishes. But some say frequent indulgence of this "high saturated fats" affair can stop your heart.

Critics (I suspect they are dim sum haters ... ha ha ha) warn these "little eats" are so high in fat and salt that regular consumption could lead to obesity and severe cardiovascular illnesses.

I disagree. The real culprit of heart attacks and stroke are most likely brought on by accumulation of everyday stress, smoking, excessive alchohol, sedentary lifestyle and consumption of artificial trans fat.

The thing is ... all natural foods contain all three types of fats; saturated, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated. It is not possible to separate them. So, a food naturally high in saturated fat will also contain the other two.

These three kinds of fats, including saturated fats, are a necessity in our system. When we eat, these fats are digested in our stomach. As these fats get into our intestine and bloodstream, they transport fat-soluble vitamins like A, D, E and K around the body.

Is eating dim sum bad for you? I don't think so. It's all about balance. 

Do refrain from over-eating or not eating properly.

Many who aspire to be slim like models featured in magazines and TV, sometimes skip meals. 

Those who succumb to quick fixes tend to abuse laxatives or appetite suppressants. 

Being too thin is linked to menstrual irregularity and osteoporosis in women.

It doesn't help that many working Malaysians spend much of their time desk-bound in the office. 

In the weekends, time is usually spent watching television or slumped on the sofa playing games on their handphones.

In balancing the amount of calories in the foods and drinks we consume with the amount of calories our bodies use, we need to exercise regularly.

Let's aim for a balanced diet of meat, fish, dairy and vegetables. There's no need to avoid certain kinds of food like dim sum. 

It is actually more practical to adopt a more balanced lifestyle, one that incorporates regular exercise that rids accumulated stress pressuring our heart and brain.

There's no need to deprive ourselves of our favourite foods. Get up from the chair and get moving. Do what you like ... be it walking in the park, dancing, football, badminton, cycling, golf or swimming :)

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