She Works Hard for the Money

I recently join in a Chinese New Year Yee Sang toss with a few senior executives of an oleochemical company. Excluding myself, there were four ladies and a man.

Since women outnumbered that one man at the Yee Sang gathering, the conversation naturally turned to women's struggle for work-life balance. 

With increasing cost of food, housing, education, healthcare and telecommunication, most family need to have two breadwinners.

Many women work to help contribute to household expenses which often include hired help, such as live-in maids or part-time cleaning services.

Some women are lucky to be able to rope in their parents to help with sending of children to school so that they are able to focus on their career, knowing their children are in safe hands.

Depending on the nature of the job, forward thinking employers would encourage use of Internet phone calls and emails for colleagues to stay in touch with superiors. 

That way, employees are still able complete basic work tasks while attending to an urgent family matter.

I have utmost respect for women who give it their all to their family and career. 

This blog posting is dedicated to women who work hard for the money. 

This 1980s video of Donna Summer performing "She Works Hard For The Money" was shot at the family-friendly Disneyland in Los Angeles, USA. 

Can you spot Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs?

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