Slap on the moisturiser

Dehydration can affect every skin type and age, especially those who are in frequent contact with chlorine in the swimming pool.

The video above is that of Malaysia's synchronised swimmers Katrina Ann Hadi and Xylane Lee competing in Germany. It takes a lot of breath-holding endurance to twirl in the water upside down.

Many swimmers are in the pool of chlorinated water at least five hours a day. It can take a toll on their skin and hair.

Skin dehydration is the loss of water in the skin and occurs when the skin loses more moisture than it takes in. 

This is worsened when our skin is subjected to prolonged exposure to the sun, poor skin hygiene, air conditioning or even harsh-perfumed soap.

Our skin moisture constantly needs replenishing and preservation. Make sure you drink plenty of water, avoid smoking and generously slather on blobs of lotion on your skin after a shower.

Moisturise regularly with palm oil-based body cream to soften and soothe your sensitive skin.

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