With great power comes great responsibility

Today is International Women's Day. It gives a reminder to the world of women's contribution in the caring of their family, toiling in the agricultural fields and assembly factories, to heading billion dollar companies.

Wives, mothers, grandmothers, sisters, daughters, girlfriends, teachers, friends, and co-workers are all worthy of this recognition.

Men and women are different in their strength and weaknesses. 

If you have the privilege to visit palm oil mills, you'll see tasks that require brute strength are carried out by men. Women are more detailed in their approach. They tend to excel in tasks that involves considerable listening, persuasion and nurturing.

Today, there are increasingly more opportunities for women to be in top decision-making positions. 

Women of substance ... those who are able to figure out and understand the big picture and not be overwhelmed by small details ... they are the ones who win the confidence and loyalty of their colleagues.

Women at the top, who execute their duties responsibly, inevitably earn respect from their colleagues and clients. They have many fans and admirers.

On the other hand, women who choose to be selfish and cowardly, tend to lose respect from people around them.

Some people say I'm childish to use this analogy but I think Spiderman is right when he said, "with great power comes great responsibility."

Today is also the anniversary of the tragic MH370 disappearance. Loved ones of the victims have suffered indescribable pain. Let us take a moment to pray for a hopeful outcome and better tidings ahead.

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