You look familiar ...

I was feeling bored and decided to get myself some coffee. Instead of heading to the usual place that has a green mermaid logo, I turned off to a different coffee place.

When I placed my order for latte, the barista stared at me and then squinted her eyes, "you look familiar." 

After a couple of seconds, she squealed, "I know! I know! You're Snow White." [Click here]

I smiled at the barista, who used to work at the neighbouring green mermaid logo coffee outlet and replied, "Today ... you cannot asked me about my seven dwarfs."


I swooped my head around like that in a shampoo advertisement and replied in a breathless whisper, "because today ... I'm Rapunzel."

She laughed hysterically as my shiny and luscious locks swooshed around in slow motion and fall over my shoulders.

We talked for a while. She was amazed to 'discover' that there's healthy palm specialty fats in a cup of latte.

Today is not such a boring day after all.

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