Happy Father's Day

My father has always been there for me through all my painful and humiliating setbacks.

I remember asking my mum, a long time ago, why she married dad. She replied, "your dad is intelligent."

In my younger days I didn't think my dad was clever. I assumed all my classmates' fathers, like mine, had sat down at the dinner table and go through math and science homework with them. I was wrong.  

My mum is right. Dad is clever. He would explain scientific formulas and economic development in easy language using analogies and examples. 

Most of the time, I'm able to understand or spot logical sequences. From there, I find many confusing problems or situations I face become less daunting.

On life experiences, one of the most important thing I learnt from my dad is to think positive. This is because optimism is the foundation of courage and confidence in ourselves to do better than previously.

As I tap on the computer keyboard and reflect on my father's contributions to Malaysia's engineering feats throughout his career, I'm inspired to serve my country in the same measure as a journalist.