Dimples should be in your cheeks, not your thighs

Everyone has layers of fat under the skin. So, even thin people can have cellulite. Some people go to beauty salons for herbal body wraps to even out the appearance of cellulite.

Appearing on KTTV’s Good Day Los Angeles, Hollywood beauty and nutraceutical expert Scott-Vincent Borba revealed his cellulite-reducing recipe made with palm oil from Malaysia. 

By combining palm oil with a little cayenne pepper, Crisco and collagen capsules, Borba created a do-it-yourself cream out of ingredients found in many of our kitchen. 

Once it's blended, Borba tells you to spread this 'edible moisturising cream' on your cellulite skin area and wrap with cling film for a good 10-minute soak-in.

Borba, who has worked with Hollywood beauties like Mila Kunis, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Nancy O’Dell and Ashley Green, believes in leveraging common, all-natural ingredients – both inside and outside – for stunning results.

Borba uses natural ingredients for everything from age-reversing foods to fabulous home-made facials. He loves to convert his celebrity clients into “beauty foodies” and to share these same trade secrets with the public. 

It all starts with nutrition. “By maintaining a good diet, it helps balance our hormones and give our body the nutrients it needs to fight stress and power itself,” he says.

In addition to using Malaysian palm oil as a powerful beauty enhancer, for example, he recommends cooking with it:-

1. Palm oil is harvested from the oil palm, the world's most land efficient oil crop.
2. Palm oil is all natural and do not contain the deadly trans-fat.
3. Palm oil is good for our brain and heart health.
4. Palm oil remains stable in high heat stir-fry dishes, unlike olive oil.
5. Palm oil vitamin E protects our skin from oxidative stress.

For off the shelves toiletries, Borba noted palm-based oleochemicals are a favoured ingredient in hair and skin products because it helps to preserve our body’s natural oils. 

Palm oil's abundant vitamin E tocotrienols are powerful antioxidants. 

Researchers believe palm tocotrienols help protect our skin against UV damage and premature aging. 

It’s almost like having sunscreen from the inside out. 

This is why palm tocotrienols are increasingly formulated into anti-aging lotions, skin foundations, shampoos and soaps.