Garbage Truck Music in Tainan, Taiwan

I'm now in Taiwan. It's very interesting that the garbage trucks come around once a while (playing adorable music like ice cream trucks do in the US) and owners would simply walk over and toss their garbage onto the truck.

Taiwan's garbage trucks are usually powered by biodiesel.

Taiwan's largest biodiesel maker Chant Oil has urged its government to reopen sourcing of recycled cooking oil to rescue the country's renewable energy sector.

Biodiesel producers in the country have been struggling since the government ended its biodiesel project in May 2014, which caused cooking oil recyclers to opt to export their oil for higher profits.

The exports need permission from local environmental bureaus.

The oil could be used to fuel garbage trucks and buses in Taiwan, Chant Oil reportedly said. Biofuel made from waste cooking oil produces less air pollution and is cheaper than diesel. The amount of cooking oil recycled in Taiwan is more than sufficient to power all the garbage trucks in the country.