Taste of Malaysia

“If Yan can cook, so can you!" Chef Martin Yan, is known the world over for his numerous TV shows and books from the start of 1982 when he shot to fame with “Yan Can Cook”. The 3,000 episode programme was shown in over 50 countries, making him one of the most popular celebrity chefs.

Chef Martin Yan, a 67 year old Hong Kong-born American is not just a celebrity chef but an established culinary scholar and is the founder of Yan Can International Cooking School in the San Francisco Bay area. 

He also owns a chain of Yan Can Restaurants.

Early this year, Chef Martin Yan was in Malaysia to film his new 26-episode travel and cooking programme “Taste of Malaysia."

During a recent media conference, Chef Martin thrilled the crowd by demonstrating his speedy chopping skills. 

He also wowed the crowd with the taste of his signature Chicken and Walnut Salad.

He used cholesterol-free palm oil to stir fry a variety of dishes. The celebrity chef told the audience that palm oil is less greasy. 

Vegetables stirfried in quick high heat retained their texture because there was less oil absorption.

Palm oil is the most popular cooking oil in the world because it is all-natural, easily digestible and halal.

The 'Taste of Malaysia' series is now being aired on ntv7, 8TV and the Asian Food Channel (AFC). The programme is available in English and Mandarin. 

It is reaching out to an estimated 2 to 3 billion viewers and covers the various cultures and traditions of Malaysia.

At each episode, Chef Martin Yan explored traditions that are emblemic of Malaysian culture. He deftly experimented with tastes and dishes that have been around for centuries.